Women Aquarius. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:55 PM

How is the woman Aquarius?
The natives of the sign of the waterman are to produce changes, to move the waters, to create the conditions of progress and evolution. They are not people who should be taken lightly or who should be allowed to waste their talent for fighting and surrender to the best causes. Natural social activist, the woman of Aquarius shakes the foundations of ideas and people: her vision about life and its problems is always new and revolutionary.

The Aquarian women are serene and cheerful, but do not put them in the face of an unjust order or some notion about existence, for they will not stand still, and will make everything turn upside down until that order is reversed. For these girls there are no limits to personal effort: they believe that each person is to put their grain of sand in this world and they put more than one.

For Aquarians the world is a work that is done among all, and for this reason they believe more in cooperation than in the survival of the fittest. For them there is no one who does not deserve to be saved and there is no cause that does not deserve attention and effort. At the heart of the Aquarium there is a maxim written on fire: “Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost”.

The natives of the sign of Aquarius are infatuated lost and inconstant: they do not know how to stand next to a single person, and they are easily dazzled by strangers. They are extremely flirtatious and tend to be left seductive games that make them very desirable and daring, but also make them fall in situations that do not go well. You have to give them space and avoid the routine suffocating them.

The Aquarians become mothers given and consenting, who allow their little ones all the excesses. They are clumsy to mark the limits of their children, because they do not want them for themselves. In exchange for that defect, they are loving mothers and erect around them solid homes, well founded in love and tolerance.

They are chaotic workers and it is better not to fill them with responsibilities, because they will flee from them or give themselves to self-sabotage. It is better to exploit their capacity for innovation, their creativity, their gift to give order to chaos. If it is necessary to unravel a problem or solve a situation, there will be no one better than an Aquarium for the job.

Aquarius are dreamy practices: there is no ideal that seems excessive or problem that do not create solvable. They are the best company to face times of uncertainty, because they accompany their invincible optimism with concrete actions. They do not fear the work of changing the world and people.

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