The best pets for Gemini

2017-02-13 at 4:15 PM

Just as we are more closely related to certain species according to our sign, stars also affect the personality and behavior of animals. Facts that you should take into account when choosing the pet you want to share your days.

Which is the most appropriate pet for the Gemini sign? How are the animals born under the sign of Gemini?

The best pets for the Gemini sign. For the natives of the sign of the twins the important thing is the communication: to be in constant feedback with those close to their hearts. Pets are no exception: Gemini want to feel that they are in close contact with them, that they know what the animal feels they have chosen and that their pet understands them.

Those birds capable of reproducing the human voice like parrots are an excellent choice for the Gemini. In their way of communicating they are the closest to a person. Do not be carried away by what he says about the intelligence and affection of these animals: as human beings we can establish empathy with all species, and birds know how to return the love that is deposited in them, not only through repetition Of what we say, but with gestures and touching acts.

The voice is that gives us expression and makes us spread in the person of others. Gemini is someone who always looks for the part that complements it. A pet that listens and questions it can be the beginning of that road.

The larger and “chatty” varieties of companion dogs also fulfill the functions that a Gemini needs of an animal: that is its equal, its interlocutor.

The pets born under the sign of Gemini. Whatever the species, the animals that are born under the sign of the twins are herd creatures. They can not be alone: ​​they need at their side the pleasant feeling of being a complementary part of another being.

As they are social animals, they are very cooperative: they join to collective works of their species or of different ones. They show compassion for the weakest and are able to aid another creature in trouble. They are those animals that allow you to have more than one pet in the house.

Their constant need for interaction makes them very clever. They can learn more of a trick or function, and be really useful in the home, at work and in the help of people with physical limitations. The best guide dogs, the courier pigeons and the most punctual racehorses belong to this sign.

They are very long-lived, and often exceed the natural age of their species. They are the best animal to have as a company and part of the family, because they never stop learning and show their need for help and comfort their owners.

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