The best pets for Leo

2017-02-13 at 4:20 PM

Just as we are more closely related to certain species according to our sign, stars also affect the personality and behavior of animals. Facts that you should take into account when choosing the pet you want to share your days.

What is the most appropriate pet for the sign Leo? How are animals born under the sign of Leo?

The best pets for the Leo sign. There is no need to ask: you know exactly what pet you need. A cat. An independent and daring person like you, who has problems in becoming master of each space of the house, that is convinced that you are an intelligence almost as powerful as yours. A pet that thinks the pet is you.

Cats are one of those challenges that fascinate the Leo. Beings with which you must measure your capacity and patience. With the cats you can be sure that you will have the best training in the art of seduction that you can have. This animal must be domesticated in every sense of the word: to gain confidence, to break with the sourness of life, to make you worthy of your capricious love.

Cats are one of the creatures from which we can take greater learning in life: they open our eyes to one of the elementary truths about our idea of ​​control. What we believe to have a power or a power, is free in itself, and the chains with which we believe to subject them are imaginary … Or in fact they bind us to the object of our desire.

With cats, as in love, sometimes it is possessed, and sometimes it is possession.

Pets born under the sign of Leo. The native animals of this sign do not walk with false humility. They are known as kings to be attended and served in full order. Do not be afraid to ruin your temper with concessions and compliments, for these creatures expect to be served in this way.

These are pets that are not going to be overwhelmed and over which it is impossible to set rules or expect loyalty: they will always get what they want, in whatever way. Its beauty and natural charisma will be imposed on all misgivings. You are, after all, an animal that is in the wild state of those who dominate the herd, those who take the best females and those who have the greatest dominions.

They are very demanding in terms of care and affection, but their intelligence makes them very useful animals. In addition, their value gestures are legendary. Have you heard of animals that rescue injured people? For most of them come from this sign.

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